How to Eat Injera like a Pro

So you’re staring at this awesome dish, ready to dive in, waiting for your waitress to bring your utensils. They never come. Welcome to Rosalind’s and your authentic Ethiopian dining experience. Grab a seat and roll up your sleeves. Dinner is about to get messy.

The traditional way of eating requires sharing a large plate of injera. The “injera” pancake is eaten cold and virtually replaces cutlery. Rip a piece the size of the palm of your hand grab a small amount of the “wot” sauce. The pancake can be molded using your fingers until it has absorbed enough sauce to let solid food cling to it, forming the shape of a ball.

Ideally, fingers should not come into contact with your mouth when eating and only one hand should be used. But you’re an amateur, so we’ll cut you some slack. Remember practice makes perfect.

So grab a beer, a piece of injera, and dig in. You’re on your way to eating like a pro.

Cheers friends.